Film Developing Services in Houston Texas

Bespoke local small-batch film developing.

  • Black and white film only (colour not available at this time).

  • 35mm rolls, 120 medium format rolls, or 4x5 sheet film in sets of 6.

  • Turnaround depends on my availability. First-come, first-served.

  • Three work-day processing - $15 per roll/set

  • Overnight processing - $25 per roll/set

  • High resolution digital scanning - $10 per roll/set

  • DropBox scan delivery - no charge

  • USB for scans for pickup - $10

More information

  • You can drop-off and pick-up your negatives to save on mailing costs and wait times.

  • I can pull or push certain film stocks for no extra charge.

  • Roll film can be cut to any length for storage sheets.

  • Scans are made using a digital camera and delivered as RAW files for maximum editing flexibility. My method preserves the negative’s frames.

  • I deliver scans via Dropbox, your USB drive or I can supply a drive.

You can contact me for more information at