Guest blog post at West Yorkshire Camera

The lovely people at West Yorkshire camera in Leeds, England have published a blog post I wrote for them.

If you have a collection of cameras and struggle picking one for a vacation, this is a perfect read for you!

West Yorkshire camera is a great store located in the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Whenever I’m home in Halifax I like to pop over to see what they have. My favorite purchase from them is a Olympus Pen FV that was in perfect user condition at a price I couldn’t pass up.

They are regularly publishing interesting guest blog posts that are you an find at the bottom of their home page.

Portraits of Charles, a Houston Songwriter

Charles not only writes songs, but is a former New York model and fitness instructor. As a man who wears many hats, he had plenty of ideas for images running the gammut from writing lyrics on his bathroom mirror to burning a song as he wrote it on a piece of paper. We also got some great 3/4 and headshots.

You can follow Charles on his Instagram account @saintroninmusic, and on his YouTube channel.

Fil's interview with Voyage Houston

I had the opportunity to describe my work to Voyage Houston, and the article was published today.

I used it as an excuse to show off some of my vintage camera collection, get the story out that I take epic city-scapes as well as portraits, and self-indulgently feed my own ego. It has not been fed in a while.

Voyage seem to be exhaustively cataloging all of Houston’s artists and entrepreneurs. Even though their almost un-edited style can make for a difficult read sometimes, it is nice to have a site full of local creatives sharing their stories.

Thanks for reading!

Portraits of Dominika

Dominika is an extraordinary violin player and teacher. She also plays as part of the Axiom Quartet and the Dancewict-Doucet Duo.

For this portrait session we took some close up shots of Dominika with her 19th century violin. This was a hybrid session using a digital camera and a large format camera (the Intrepid 4x5) using black and white film.