Fil's interview with Voyage Houston

I had the opportunity to describe my work to Voyage Houston, and the article was published today.

I used it as an excuse to show off some of my vintage camera collection, get the story out that I take epic city-scapes as well as portraits, and self-indulgently feed my own ego. It has not been fed in a while.

Voyage seem to be exhaustively cataloging all of Houston’s artists and entrepreneurs. Even though their almost un-edited style can make for a difficult read sometimes, it is nice to have a site full of local creatives sharing their stories.

Thanks for reading!

Engagement pictures of Alex and Julia

Here is a triptych of shots taken for Alex and Julia's engagement inspired by the seated man in David Hockney's "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy", a double portrait he painted in 1971. 

I was keen to incorporate the beautiful wooden window frames in their Houston bungalow, and so composed the double framing of Julia by the window, and Alex by Julia.