The Astrodome from above

I've written before on how using Google Earth is a great way to explore a city, and can even be used to create compositions directly (find that post here). 

One of Houston's most interesting buildings as observed from the sky must be the Astrodome. It has a circular shape with lots of rectangular windows in a triangular pattern on the roof. Here's how I took Google's image of the Astrodome, and processed it to create an almost abstract image to emphasise the shapes and geometries of the architecture.

  1. Overlapping screenshots of the structure were taken and then stitched together in software to create a high-res image. 
  2. Distortions are present because the satellites are not exactly over the building when the images were taken. This was easily corrected in Lightroom or Photoshop. 
  3. To get the super-contrast effect, the image was converted to black and white by reducing the saturation. The levels were then narrowed so that the black and white points are very close together.
  4. The image was cropped to square so that the Astrodome appears very dominant in the center.
  5. Lastly, spot healing was used to remove distracting elements from the image.
Astrodome from above in pure black and white.

Astrodome from above in pure black and white.