Revisiting old photographs for Instagram

As a recent Instagram convert, I quickly realized I needed more photographs to post than just those in my portfolio. In fact, there aren't enough second-tier photos to post an image every other day for a sustained period. 

This gave me two thoughts:

  1. I need to take more photos!
  2. I need to go through my archive and find some forgotten gems.

I wrote recently about giving new life to old photographs through editing. With my start on Instagram, I made a point of really digging even deeper though my archive and finding photos that were at least half-way to good and have the potential to be better.

How I prepare images for Instagram

  • Interesting images get marked with a red colour flag in Lightroom.
  • The selected images are cropped to a square format.
  • I play with the crop to get the most interesting composition, especially in photos that were originally taken without the intent for publishing.
  • All of my older work is in colour and digital, so I decide if a black and white conversion is beneficial.
  • I use a Lightroom export preset that reduces my images to 1000 pixels along their length, and save them to a dedicated Instagram folder.
  • The folder gets sync'd to my iPhone so I can post the images away from my computer.
  • Used images get moved to an 'Instagram_used' folder.

This gave me a little buffer of images I can use for now, but it is clear I need to get out and shoot more on a daily basis.